How much do you generate the most streamed songs? Stubborn celebrities

In the past, there was a method of composing music for artists consisting of releasing an album every now and then (now they release two or three albums a year). With the rise of music reproduction platforms, the bulk of the profits for each of them happened through this kind of resource like Spotify, Whose data yielded interesting results about how much Most Streamed Songs s Post Malone in the head Out of order.

This is evident from the results obtained by the company the money Who thought about finding out who the artists are paying the most for their songs on the charts. For the investigation they crossed the data they shared Spotify s Corp, A website that analyzes music data and looks at the total number of copies by country, global artist reach and payment estimates.

Although it is a map with the most listened songs (and thus the most profitable map for its artists), in the case of the United States, Post Malone He is first with Rockstar. The star earned a total of $ 10,409,424, followed globally by “Australia Ringtones and Me” vs.Dancing monkeyThat earned him $ 10,298,960.

Catchy songDancing monkeyIt ranked first in countries such as France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Cyprus, according to the study. Meanwhile, Rockstar Post Malone reported more than 714 million views on Spotify and over $ 3 million in US earnings.

Just above Post Malone Preceded by Ed Sheeran As the UK’s best artist, with the most valuable song in the world:Form for you(2017). This hit brought the Colorado artist impressive numbers of $ 13,347,665 and $ 2,724,013,193 copies to Spotify.

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