How many eggs are healthy to eat per week according to science?

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This source of protein cannot be missed from any balanced and well-planned diet.

Eggs should be in a healthy diet.
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Different theories have been presented about the egg throughout history, such as that it is not very good, that the white is yes but the yolk is not, that it should be limited to a certain amount and many other similar theories. The concrete thing is that most of these things have been denied and it has been confirmed that this food is rich in proteins, monounsaturated fats, iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, folic acid and vitamins A, D, E, B3 and B12. According to the newspaper El Mundo. In football players and athletes it is key..

Dr. Isabel Belustegui denies on her Vida Potencial YouTube channel that eggs increase cholesterol levels. In the same way, she ensures that the weekly amount depends on age and gender. The concrete thing is that It is healthy to eat up to fourteen eggs a week without any problem.In fact, he gave more details later, in a very important phrase. In addition, he left a warning in some cases.

Daily amount of eggs recommended by a doctor for a healthy diet

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Always as directed by a physician, healthy adults. They can eat three eggs a day without any problem.and even more. As for women, taking one or two doses daily is more appropriate. As for the cases that should be avoided according to the doctor’s warning, they are when the person suffers from cystic diseases, such as ovarian or breast diseases.

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On the other hand, with regard to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) It is said that you should eat at least one egg a day. For the general population and about three or four per week for people with high cholesterol.

If you want to increase muscle mass and combine it with exercise, you can increase the amount to four per day without any problem. It is likely All players competing in the 2024 European Championship and Copa America include eggs in their diet.

As for the ways to eat eggs, it is recommended to boil or boil them. At the same time, the ideal is Avoid making it fried or scrambled.Where unhealthy fats are added to the body.

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