How do you clean your phone’s speakers and make them look like new?

passage the weather This can cause our appliances and other electronic devices to become dirty little by little Centuries From you Telephone They are not an exception.

Dirt and dust particles accumulate on your cell phone speakers, causing the sound quality sound Descent, even in the most serious cases, is prevented from leaving.

So, if what you want is quick maintenance of your phone’s speakers, you can do it yourself quickly with these simple tips.

Cleaning the phone’s speakers

Before starting, you should know that this technology can be applied to any brand or type of smartphone, so it will leave the speakers for both your Android and iPhone as new.

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The first solution is to manually clean your phone’s speakers which is why we recommend avoiding the use of liquid products or toothpicks.

Since using liquids can damage our speakers, using cotton buds or toothpicks may damage the grille that covers the speakers.

To do this cleaning manually, you can use a soft, stiff brush and apply consistent strokes without using too much force.

This technology will help us get rid of dust and dirt, and by using the surface of the brush we will take care of our speaker network.

Another option is to use adhesive paste and carefully stick it into the openings of the phone so that the dirt sticks to it.

Using compressed air can be a good choice for cleaning. However, if you are using this technique, you must be very careful not to stick it to the speaker and tighten it too much so as not to damage the network.

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Finally, if you want to use an app to clean traces of water and dirt from your phone’s speakers, there are various options.

In case of iPhone, you can download the Sonic app and for Android devices visit page and do the cleaning process.

Both systems allow us to expel all remaining dust and even water, should the devices get wet.

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