Hortensia Galeana Sánchez, first director of the Institute of Mathematics

Hortensia Galeana Sánchez has been appointed by the UNAM Board of Directors as Director of the Institute of Mathematics (IM), for the period 2022-2026, making her the first woman to take charge of this university entity in the nearly 80 years of its existence.

Upon taking the position, the Scientific Research Coordinator, William Lee Allarden, emphasized that the Institute was an entity without which the development of mathematics in the national university and in the state, due to its trajectory, could not be understood.

It’s your community’s responsibility to make the impact, which has been growing, continue in the areas of research, human resource training, publishing and outreach. “That it be so requires the work and commitment of everyone, without exception, in a clear and continuous way, to take advantage of individual and collective capabilities.”

The Coordinator highlighted the importance of working to promote good interaction and communication within IM, between sectors and locations, for the benefit of the entity itself and the University. This is everyone’s business and it goes through a strong academic activity, group life, information flow and accountability, as well as the search for new projects in which one can participate casually and in association to solve national problems.

Li Allarden emphasized the importance of strengthening the Mathematics Headquarters in Oaxaca, maintaining and strengthening academic activity and high-level external exchanges in areas of interest to faculty members, continuing to renew the academic factory, and improving the publishing activity and science communication. to the general public, and noting that the linkage efforts, which are increasingly important, materialize and allow the Institute to benefit more and increase its expectations abroad.

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After recalling that the academic entity will have the support of the university authorities to implement its projects, the coordinator said that the leadership changes are opportunities to suggest what needs to be done in the coming years, based on what has already been done, “which is a lot and should not be wasted. I invite you to join the efforts around the exit and take on the tasks responsibly.”

Addressing the community, Hortensia Galeana Sánchez expresses that it has demonstrated the great interest of IM members in putting their activism, imagination, creativity and the purest university spirit to make this example continue to grow and develop successfully, as it has so far.

I invite you to use the great virtues by which our society must go forward together, and to encourage those who go forward to go forward, and support the rest, thus going as far as possible as one body and one soul, with no one left. behind, he said.

In the auditorium of Alfonso Napoles Gandara, he paid tribute to the work of José Antonio Sidi Curie, the outgoing director, for his exceptional management. “Their passion and dedication during these eight years have made our institute stronger and more active.”

a path

Ortensia Galiana Sánchez is a mathematician from the UNU Faculty of Science in 1978. She received a master’s degree in Mathematical Sciences from this study house in 1981, the Gabino Barreda Medal for Highest Intermediate and a Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences from the National University in 1985. She is an honorary researcher C, PRIDE D, and SNI Honorary Scholar.

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His line of research is discrete mathematics, particularly graph theory. In this field, he ventured into various topics such as the theory of nuclei, periodic cyclic modulus, path division conjecture, dichromatic number, chromatic number, Hamiltonian, existence of cycles in graphs and graphs, innate motion in graphs and histograms, and Fibonacci numbers on digraphs. Her dedication to the cause of cores is highlighted in Digraphics, where she has been a world leader.

These studies are very useful in applications, and also introduced the concept of dynamic gaitability with constrained transitions in graphs and graphs. This concept has been shown to be appropriate in modeling a large number of practical problems.

Its scientific output amounts to a total of 148 research articles published in specialized journals of the highest level in their subject matter. His involvement as a teacher has been going on since 1977, and he has supervised 48 undergraduate theses, five master’s theses and 13 doctoral theses, in addition to three theses.

His research work has been internationally recognized, for several years in a row he has been ranked second in the world for production in the subject of degraphics. It was awarded the National University Excellence for Young Academics in 1995; The National University Prize in 2015 and the Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz Medal in 2005.



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