High Alert: Disaster After the Storm | Directed by Jean-Francois Richet

On high alert 6 points

airplaneUK/USA, 2023

direction: Jean Francois Richet

Scenario: Charles Cumming and JB Davis

Duration: 107 minutes

Performers: Gerard Butler, Daniela Pineda, Mike Coulter, Tony Goldwyn, Evan Dean Taylor, Paul Penn-Victor, Yoson Ann.

the first show: Available in the rooms.

Ah, disaster cinema! Earthquakes here, weather disasters there. Buildings on fire, planes (lots of planes) balancing “I’m falling” and “I’m not falling.” Scottish actor Gerard Butler I’ve actually been through many of these emergencies before, but until now I’ve never been on a plane that crashed. Well, they say there is a first time for everything. And that’s what it’s about, at least in the beginning, High alert. Here Butler is Captain Torrance, an airline pilot who flies the Southeast Asian and Pacific routes. It’s New Year’s Eve, and the captain promises his daughter, who lives in California, that they’ll be there in time for a toast. But first he must take a mini-flight to Hawaii that will take him flying over a storm, forced by the company, and for which getting around will be the equivalent of several thousand dollars extra. As befits, it doesn’t take long for things to go wrong.

Just like other crash movies, eg Flight (2012) or stained (2016), he said that the emergency is just an appetizer for the problems that will kick in next. Unlike the works of Robert Zemeckis and Clint Eastwood, respectively, where everything leads to mishaps that are as inconsequential as they are dangerous for their heroes, here Captain Torrence, his crew, and passengers will have to contend with more clichéd issues. Because those who survived the impact on an island lost in the vast map of the ocean will soon discover that they are not safe there either.

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despite of High alert Part of the assumptions, the sum of which reinforces the absurd character of the whole, it must be said The experience is agreeably pleasant. The key to explaining this moderate success lies in the fact that officials deal with the mounting nonsense in a playful way. Thus, the captain and his people progress through the story that scenario fate has bestowed upon them like characters in a video game, gradually overcoming levels of increasing difficulty. However, the film never goes to the healthy extreme of staging details revealing the presence of a conscious sense of humor, which would have been a welcome addition. even so, On high alert Sometimes it saturates levels of unrealism to such an extent that grace ends up slipping in as welcomed.

It also makes each part work well as a unit. so by saying, High alert It handles the moment of disaster with a good pulse, building up the tension until it explodes. The same thing happens when something becomes a pure business story. It is, in a nutshell, a film that manages to preserve the lovable spirit of the B-class, so to demand authenticity would be a pointless excess of purity.

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