Hidden Science Center logo for “Puro Sinaloa”, the insignia of Quirino . government

structures on the outskirts Sinaloa Science Center, in a Culiacan, at any Logo “Puro Sinaloa”, representative badge of Government of Quirino Ordaz KobelIt was hidden for days.

In the pictures it can be seen that with the building materials the emblem used by the previous administration and which was installed in the works carried out by that government was covered.

It should be noted that the development, design and positioning of the brand and logo “Puro Sinaloa” amounted to 32 million pesos, which were paid to the public treasury during 2017 and 2018.

With the arrival of the government Robin Rocha Moya And take the direction of this space through Carlos Karam Quinones, the former director of Inapi, announced that one of the intentions was to return to the essence of this place and to prioritize the promotion of education and science.

Among the first actions carried out by Generos Quinones is the restoration of the logo that has been in place since 1992, which was changed in 2019 by the management of Quirino Ordaz Coppel, who launched a redesign that replaced the original logo.

This change sparked controversy from users who classified it as a setback, but others were enthusiastic about the return of the Science Center identity.

Currently, the Sinaloa Science Center is closed to the public due to the fact that it is in the process of renovating the exhibits, it will be in the next few days when the reopening date will be announced.

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