Hepatology helps prevent COVID-19.

What seemed to be a situation that we thought was already resolved and controlled, turns out to be the opposite. Cases are back again, and with them a certain dose of anxiety in this regard. Now, in this aspect there is good news because Liver medication has been identified to help prevent COVID-19.

We explain the covid BA.5 variant, the most contagious of all.

We are closing in on 2022 and the epidemic that started 3 years ago (it is noteworthy that the first cases occurred in Wuhan, China) continues to cause problems in society as it does in other sectors of the world. Mexico is not the only country that should be concerned with this issue, as many others are pursuing this issue with caution. However, despite the bad news that more people have been infected, we can also celebrate a discovery that could be very valuable.

What liver medication helps prevent COVID-19?

Ursodeoxycholic acidIt is used to treat or prevent various biliary diseases, and it regulates the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 receptor, which facilitates the entry of the COVID-19 virus into cells and may reduce infection, according to tests in animal and human organs and tissues.

From this situation, the novelty occurs because viral receptors can “complement vaccination” and be suitable for the treatment of coronavirus in some high-risk groups.

Since the substance regulates human cells, rather than targeting the virus, administering it may help protect the body from variants that may emerge in the future. In short, it is fair to note some aspects to combat this rise in cases, such as completing the vaccination schedules established by the health authorities. That this situation will not be a problem again depends on us.

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