Health workers in Panama demand better employment

At a press conference, Morales dismissed that the management of that portfolio unexpectedly sent the budget proposal for 2023 to the Ministry of Economy and Finance without taking into account the necessary salary adjustment for all health workers.

About 5,300 administrative officials, including engineers, architects, analysts, ambulance drivers, security personnel, secretaries and treasurers, among others, who are the backbone of the health service support, were affected.

Doctors and nurses have already earned the salaries they deserve, but now is the time to take these other professionals into account, who are also of fundamental importance, he said.

Morales specified that in the event that their claims are not heard, the members of that union affiliated with the National Center of Workers of Panama (CNTP), will present next June 17 from Mensa to the university lecture hall.

He added that Saeed’s protest would end with a plenary session to present the approval of the general strike to the plenary session.

Morales told Radio Panama that they had started the process of agreements on wages and working conditions for five terms, without the expected results.

“It has been almost seven years and the agreements that should be evaluated every three years have not been reviewed. The authorities are offering us all kinds of excuses, they have fired more than 1,500 workers, which indicates an abuse of power.”

Friday’s meeting was attended by leaders of about 21 branches of that union in the regions of Colon, Chiriqui, Panama Este, Panama Oeste, San Miguelito, Metropolitana, Herrera, Los Santos, Gorgas Memorial Institute and San Miguel Arcangel Hospital, among others.

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On May 25, the major social movements and trade unions in Panama called on the entire people to join a new march on June 28 to condemn the high cost of living.

Senior leaders of the CNTP, the National Front for the Defense of Economic and Social Rights, and the National Autonomous Confederation of Trade Unions, among other groups, also announced the creation of the People’s United Alliance for Life.

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