Health sciences campus students eat canned sardines on line 26c

Students who take 26 c . linewho walks in the way Between Circular Plaza and the Health Sciences Campus (Arrixaca) Couldn’t travel more crowded on the bus.

The course has already started with the buses so full that they were even forced to leave the university students on the ground, as denounced by the Public Transport Defense Platform, which accuses the Murcia City Council of “improvisation, lack of information and lack of interest.”

Since July of this year, more University of Murcia (UMU) facilities have been operational on the Health Sciences Campus, next to the Virgen de la Arixaca Hospital. In this lecture hall, some will be taught 3500 students in pharmacy, physiotherapy, medicine, dentistry and nursing.

Line 26C went into operation on September 5, 2021. At that time, there were 14 shipments from Murcia (16 on Monday) and 15 shipments from El Palmar (17 on Monday). Since April of the previous year, excursions have been reduced to 11 from Murcia and 10 from Health Sciences. The platform denounced that, “Since September 5th, there have been New Sale“Only 9 expeditions left from Murcia and 7 returnees.” It just stops counting the beginning and the end,” they add.

In addition, they consider itLine 26A-B is invalid for Arrixaca Because access to Health Sciences Complex 26C comes from the urbanization of Montevida.”

For the platform, the serious thing is that City Council “was fully aware of the increase in student numbers at these university facilities” He did nothing to prevent student overcrowding.

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