Health announces grants for training residencies in health sciences for the year 2022

The Ministry of Health approved a asking for helpin the amount of 185,000 euros, for conducting training courses in health sciences by specialists attached to the Ministry of Health, technical staff developing research projects funded by the department, as well as people providing services in private, non-profit health centers, located in Navarra.

Applications may be submitted from this Wednesday through October 12, preferably through this action file that contains direct access to the electronic public record. The application can also be submitted at the registry office of the Ministry of Health (Calle Tudela, 20 de Pamplona / Iruña) or in the public registry of Carlos III, 2.

Stays made between October 1, 2021 and October 1, 2022 are included in the call.

The grants will cover the expenses resulting from carrying out these residencies, in whole or in part, which can be of two types: in institutions or entities of recognized standing, national or foreign, to acquire skills in new technologies or to collaborate in lines of research that coincide with those of their own. by projects of centers or organizations located in the Autonomous Community; In centers outside the approved educational unit, to cover rotation in specialized health training programs.

two ways

As specified in the call, registration costs will be subsidized with a maximum of €2,000; Round trip, up to €200 in Spain, €400 in Europe and €750 for other destinations; and accommodation and meals (depending on the duration, 40 or 75 euros per day in Spain and between 50 and 100 euros outside of Spain), up to a maximum of 6 monthly payments.

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As noted, the invitation specifies two methods. Method A supports internships at reputable national or foreign institutions or entities in order to acquire skills in new technologies or to collaborate in lines of research that coincide with projects from centers located in Navarra. Health Care Administration work stays are included.

For its part, Mode B funds training stays in centers outside the approved teaching unit to cover rotations in specialized training programs in healthcare.

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