He would have lied about his experience

In a frame Discussing political control with the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Yesenia Olayain the Congress of the Republic held by representatives Jennifer Pedraza and Congresswoman Pedraza, Alexandra Vázquez, has issued statements that would call into question the teaching experience that the head of the science portfolio recorded on her resume.

“For this information on her CV to be correct, the minister would have to be everywhere. How could she be a professor at five universities, in different geographical locations, while earning a post-doctoral degree in Harvardsaid Pedraza, who added that of the five higher education institutions consulted, only one institution confirmed the validity of the information provided by the minister.

According to the investigations conducted by Pedraza's team, Minister Alia never carried out her duties as a professor at Harvard University, as her biography indicates. “Although the Secretary did a postdoctoral residency at the Harvard Institute, none of her relationships are consistent with being an educator.”And they confirm. The problem is that in their documents registered in the public service, He says he had a teaching position for about a year at the Institute for Afro-Latin Research.

“We consulted the director of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs at Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and he responded, ‘Secretary Alea’s research contacts are not considered part of the faculty,’” Pedraza’s team explains.

They point out that Minister Alia, who taught at this university for 48 hours during one year, made them successful for an entire year.

Regarding their experience in other institutions, Pedraza's team points this out at the same time At the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the Minister reported 3 years, 5 months and 7 days of experience, has certificates for only 7 months and 25 days. At the University of Magdalena, he is seven months old, and he has only 12 credit hours, equivalent to 1.5 days, and at the University of Javiriana, he records 7 months and 25 days on his CV, while only 90 hours, equivalent to 11 credit hours, 25 days, with the aggravating factor represented by the signature of the certificate from Before the Deputy Minister of Talents and Social Appropriation of Knowledge, María Camila Díaz Casas.

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The only university that adopted Minister Alia's experience is the University of Saint Martin.

In the middle of the discussion, Representative Gloria Arrizabaleta asked that these complaints be referred to oversight entities such as The Attorney General's Office, the Comptroller's Office, and the Attorney General's Office. “We are not the ones to say whether these documents have the relevant legitimacy.”

In her speech, Minister Yesenia Aliya did not refer to these accusations.

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