He was born in Artemisa of the Cuban Academy of Sciences

The Artemisa Branch of the Cuban Academy of Sciences (ACC) was created during a meeting held at the headquarters of the provincial government, chaired by Dr. Pablo Capote López, Dr. and Merit Academician of this institution, who will serve as its coordinator.

Capote López, in dialogue with members of the Management Team of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (Citma) of the Territory, identified as functions of the subsidiary, to elevate the role of science in national culture, to promote scientific-technical activity as well as to honor distinguished scientists and groups.

He said Artemisa is a young province with high scientific potential and an academic community that stands out with 181 doctors and 1,506 master’s degrees, among other highly qualified specialists.

The province has a university and pre-university vocational school of exact sciences with an enrollment capacity of 434 students.

He stressed that such reasons favor the creation of spaces for the dissemination of science, technology and innovation projects that contribute to the country’s development.

Jesús Morales González, an official of the regional committee of the party that cares about science, stressed that the subsidiary not only pays taxes directly for the implementation and introduction of scientific results in the province, but also a superior moment in the development of the science of Artemisa. and public health.

Only five provinces, including Artemisa, have a branch of the ACC, which becomes a challenge for the sector, as prestigious centers such as the Grain and Tobacco Research Institutes, or the Basic Science and Technology Unit (UCTB) pay the taxes. , which belong to the Research Institute of Tropical Fruit Cultivation.

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