He warned that the UK is facing a very uncertain phase

The plan includes returning to the mandatory use of face masks in some places and working remotely when possible, as well as introducing vaccination passports for places like nightclubs.

Speaking to the BBC, he said the UK was still at a “very murky phase” of the pandemic.

According to Vallance, vaccines and antiviral treatments have made a “big difference,” but the virus is still present around the world and the country at “high levels.”

“No one knows exactly which direction this is going,” he warned in comments to Sky News.

According to the scientist, protection and immunity must be kept high, and hopefully that will lead to lower levels, because he emphasized that it was a bit uncertain in which direction the virus would go and that there was a “very difficult winter” ahead.

He added: “It is a mistake to think that the buildup of immunity is all or nothing; it is a kind of protective barrier that will reduce the spread of the virus, so we must follow that carefully over the next few weeks and months.”

Vallance explained that two factors determine the trend of the numbers, one is that immunity begins to wane over time after the second dose of the vaccine, which makes the booster applications important.

“So if the immunity drops faster than expected, you will see an even greater increase, which is why it is so important to give booster injections to the weak and the elderly in particular,” he said.

The second factor relates to behavior change and the speed with which pre-pandemic behaviors are resumed.

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Cases of coronavirus in the UK remain high, despite the fact that nine out of 10 adults have antibodies to the virus, according to the latest data provided yesterday by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The government reported 207 more deaths from the coronavirus yesterday, bringing the total to 140,041, and another 43,941 in the past 24 hours.

This week, the authorities recorded 263 deaths in one day, the highest number since last March 3.

Meanwhile, at least 80,000 children have registered for the coronavirus vaccine since the online reservation system for ages 12-15 opened a few days ago.

So far, rates among schoolchildren have been at their highest since data collection began in October 2020.

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