He started on TikTok as a hobby and went on to buy a house at the age of 17.

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In an interview with the British newspaper, the Daily Star, the famous star on social media explained that she joined the social network of Chinese origin during the quarantine, but the story of her fame began when she was only nine years old and she made videos for Musical.ly – an application for creating clips Video and Live Streaming – Before moving on to TikTok.

According to La Nación’s website, “I opened a new account and started posting POV (English acronym for Point of View) videos, where you make up a story and try to match it to a song, tiktoker told the medium above. In English, so his fans never got tired of His content because he “mixed it up a lot” so that his followers always have something new to see.

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He buys an apartment thanks to what he earned from TikTok with his videos

In addition to his funny clips, Issey also introduced some to his teenage audience, addressing topics such as mental health, school, and dating. Moloney did not believe in his wild dreams that the hobby he started in quarantine would turn into a profession. Two years later, he now has more than five million followers on TikTok.

I’ll do a proper one soon

“Since I had so many followers in quarantine, I didn’t know how many people saw my videos,” Issy said, stressing that more of his economic income comes from sponsorship than from TikTok itself. But what do his parents think of his internet fame? Issei noted that her father was nothing but “very supportive” of her career.

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He not only wants to succeed in TikTok, but also on the catwalks

Since finishing school, Issey has decided to try his luck in new areas and expand into YouTube, so he spends his days in his new home that he showed off recording a viral TikTok video and editing new content to feed his social networks; However, what she hopes is to one day become a model.

Sorry I didn’t post much at LFW! I actually love it

Despite her notorious success, Issey Moloney says she is used to dealing with online trolls, who often put her down for the sake of her youth. “I have a lot of hate. But it’s not because I’m doing something wrong. I think it’s because of my age. People often tease me because they treat a friend from school,” concluded Tiktoker, who hopes to venture into the modeling world.

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