He hasn’t spoken to her in 4 years but he has kept his Netflix account and is still using it | News from Mexico

This girl’s name Pia Blossom, a young woman from the UK lets her TikTok followers know about her daily life. He recently caused a stir on social network like She said she dated a boy four years ago that she’s no longer in contact with, but what she’s stayed with is her Netflix account.

to what He revealed the young man, the guy he was dating named Liam, was in 2018 When the two left. At that time, this young man asked him if he had seen the series “Stranger Things”. Pia replied in the negative because she does not have a Netflix account.

After that answer the young man took with her a nod. “So he made me a profile on his Netflix account then he signed in on my phone and hit allow all devices” Bea commented.

“I haven’t seen this guy since that day and I’ve been out with several other guys, but here I am, the only other character in 2022,” he added.

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Later, Tell how his bumps reacted to see what he was doing. And obviously everyone I’ve dated has been like, ‘Use my Netflix, why do you have this random Netflix guy?“. I’m like: Because you can go. This guy, I haven’t spoken to him, he’s not leaving anyway.” confirmed.

Another thing that Pia commented on was that She no longer has Liam’s phone number, but nonetheless considers him the “most consistent man” in her life.

Oh, and if I see this Liam, I’m watching the new season of ‘Stranger Things, it’s really good! He said at the end of the video.

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