HBO Max Exceeds Subscription Expectations in 2021!

HBO Max reached 73.8 million subscribers in 2021.

Jason Keeler The CEO of WarnerMedia held a press conference in which he revealed this HBO Max 2021 ended with 73.8 million subscribersWhich exceeded the company’s expectations, as it expected to end the year with 70 million.

behind this Jason Keeler Describe 2021 as the year in which “HBO Max hack”After launching globally in June, the service is already available in 46 countries, and it was stated that it will separate in the following weeks from the number of subscriptions in the US and the rest of the world.

Delivery time He argues that the success of the aforementioned streaming platform comes from the simultaneous release in theaters and streaming movies such as Dune the Resurrection Matrix, but CEO Warner Media He stated that he does not marry any release strategy, and each film will be analyzed to determine if it has a simultaneous release or has an exclusive window in theaters.

How do you get better?

despite the success, HBO Max Still far from the pioneers of streaming platforms: Netflix (which has 214 million subscribers) s Disney + (which has 118 million subscribers), however the company was expected to be led by Jason Keeler It continues to grow, this is after her union with . has been approved Discovery Does not violate antitrust laws in United State.

Delivery time Indicates that another section where streaming Warner Media Growth opportunities are markets United Kingdom and Italy s Germany, which you have not yet been able to access due to the distribution agreement entered into by the company sky, which is valid until 2024, and on the prospects for negotiating a new agreement Jason Keeler just stated: “We always talk to our partners.”

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