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Cuban scientists and institutions intervened in the creation of a remote psychological guidance service, which is an alternative to professional assistance in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Researchers and their centers have created conditions that will support the population in the face of the complex epidemiological situation of SARS-CoV-2, the cause of the deadly disease, and evidence of its mental health effects.

Liliam Alvarez Diaz, a physician in physical and mathematical sciences and secretary of the Cuban Academy of Sciences (ACC), explained that they used New digital technologies and the social network WhatsApp.

He indicated that they resorted to this purpose A model of operational groups based on several alternatives to routing, among which is the Cuban Manuel Angel Calvino Valdes-Folie model.PhD in Psychological Sciences and MSc in Marketing, Business and Communications.

The research in question has received positive endorsement from 24 scientific institutions, two of which are international and, in the case of Cuba, centers for socio-political studies and opinions, as well as
Demographic Studies of the University of Havana and the Cuban Society of Health Psychology.

Its implementation demonstrated a kind of routing service that enabled Providing professional assistance from a distance to the psychologically vulnerable groups, due to the health emergency caused by the epidemic.

In addition, it presents a project that can be reused, and provides guidelines and principles for its implementation in other circumstances where physical distancing is essential.

This initiative made it possible to provide a rapid response to an urgent demand and to alleviate the uncertainty and psychological burden such situations raise in the population.

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The results constitute a satisfactory confirmation of the service that has been created, which is unprecedented in the field of mental health telecare in the country.

Psychological guidance service is one of the 102 jobs featured in 2020 by the Cuban Academy of Sciences, of which 11 belong to the Department of Agricultural and Fisheries Sciences, and 16 to the Department of
Technical sciences, 19 in natural and exact sciences, 22 in medical sciences and 34 in social and human sciences, according to statistics.

Exactly 1,515 prizes were awarded for the results of scientific research by the Cuban Academy of Sciences from 1999 to 2020, corresponding to 41% of the total submitted.

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