Harry did not include in his book information that his father and brother would never forgive him.

A quiet life, away from the limelight, is what a man is supposed to want. Prince Harry (38 years old) and his wife, Meghan Markle (41), when they decided to leave the royal family and head towards California, away from the United Kingdom where they felt press harassment and attack within palace walls. However, nothing could be further from the truth, since his interviews in the press and the documentary about his life on Netflix and now Harry Biographymade them grab more and more headlines.

And if the scandal caused in recent days by the revelations he made in the Spear were not enough, now the youngest son Princess Diana He said he had material for “two books” but cut himself off when publishing some details since his father, King Charles III (74) And his brother Prince Guillermo (40), They will never forgive him.

There are things he “don’t want the world to know,” he told the Daily Telegraph, before detailing that it was difficult for him to decide what to remove from the first draft, which at 800 pages is twice the final size it has become, according to Guinness. According to records, it is the best-selling non-fiction book of all time, having sold 1.43 million copies on the day of its release in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada.

The record was previously held in Book Four by a former President of the United States Barack Obama (61), “Promised Land”, which sold 887,000 copies on its first day.

“There were details I shared with JR” (J.R. Moringer is the American journalist and novelist who wrote Ghost to Harry) “for context,” he said, but clarified that “some things happened, particularly between me and my brotherand to some extent between me and my father, and I do not want the world to know, for I do not think they will ever forgive me.”

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Anyway, he qualified that he might never be forgiven for what was already posted anyway. Harry, who confirmed that he wanted the company, as the royal family calls themselves, to apologize to his wife for the mistakes he claimed she had been exposed to, also said that he felt sad for the children of William, the heir to the throne. , s Catherine (40), since he knows that among these three children, “at least one of them will end up like me, he will be the ‘reserve.’ And it hurts me, it worries me ».

Harry and Megan


Despite the media interest, both Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace said they would not comment on the content of the notes, in which Harry claims his brother, among other information. physically assaulted him. Despite this, in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, he considered that his intention was not to harm the monarchy. He considered that “it is not about trying to overthrow the monarchy, it is about saving them from themselves.”

While he acknowledged he would be “crucified” by many for saying so, he also took the opportunity to suggest that in time the Windsors might thank him for speaking openly about his experiences, and that he adopt a “long-term strategy” of thinking in dealing with the “enormous” challenge, of the “task Difficult”, to try to change such a powerful institution within the state as well as the media administration, which he exploited and accused of having “a lot of rubbish about my family” who “sweep under the rug” to bring out “exciting stories about someone else,” a clear reference to himself.

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