Harry and Meghan prove that not all royal residences are ostentatious

The second installment in the three-part Netflix documentary series Harry and Megan He came to the platform flow at the end of last week. And while these episodes offer a bit more behind-the-scenes insight into the royal family than the first three episodes (Prince William yelled at Prince Harry! And texted him after meeting Oprah!), which premiered on December 8, the series overall has been criticized for being biased. And a little boring. Anyone who follows royal news probably hasn’t gotten a lot of new information, but the cool thing this show has to offer is an inside look. The estate that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle call home In recent years, particularly their first home as a married couple.

Prince Harry in his childhood at Kensington Palace.

Tim Graham / Getty Images.

It was the mutual friend who introduced Harry and Meghan, and it was the beginning of their long-distance relationship, as she lives with him in London and is still filming the series. suits within Toronto. In 2017, she moved into the London home where Harry has lived since 2013, Nottingham Cottage. This is a two bedroom brick house It is located in the grounds of Kensington Palace. which began as a small country house and was turned into a royal residence by Kings William III and Mary II in 1689. They turned to architect Sir Christopher Wren to design their new palace, but according to the site web Historic Royal Palaces, Queen Mary “was enthusiastic about the project [y] He took care [de él] To turn this little house into a palace.”

Although Kensington Palace has all the trappings you’d expect, including a great hall with red silk wall coverings, gilt-framed paintings, and a painted ceiling, today these spaces are open to the public for guided tours. The current royal family rooms are simpler. children, Princes William and Harry lived with their parents, now King Charles and Princess Diana, In Flats 8 and 9 Kensington. Today, Apartment 1A is the London base of Prince William, Princess Kate, and their three children. Photographs of these residences are rare, but those that have been released show none of the bold colors of damask silk and gold found in the public-facing areas of the palace. Diana decorated her venue by interior designer Dudley Poplak in an English country style, with cream and light blue tones and lots of subtle patterns on the walls and sofas. William and Kate have admitted to furnishing their children’s bedrooms with IKEA furniture.

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