“Harry and Meghan” or How We Live from the (fairy) tale

in expected Documentary about Harry and Megan Released this week, the former actress confirmed that the interview they gave the BBC after announcing her official engagement was a “curated reality show.” Further evidence, for them, of the restrictive protocol that governs their lives. But, isn’t the documentary they starred in a reality show?

on the other side, Unpublished photos Their exposure of their lives, and even their children’s, amounts to an invasion of privacy that the media often denounces, accusing them of harassment. But this time, it didn’t seem to bother them either. It is carried out, after all, according to its own rules, and 100 million euro contract they signed with Netflix.

Harry and Meghan left Buckingham Palace in 2020 feeling downtrodden. But the catch is that they still live in the palace, yes, under their own rules, which translates into a life without obligations, but with all the perks. In short, live the story. Because Attacks on the institution continueBut sunny California is even more glamorous when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex offer you the role of “Manager of Impact” for a training company pretending to be “Prince”. They did not want to give away titles. Although Conservative MP Bob Seeley has already suggested there should be a vote in the House of Commons to remove them.

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