Hans Zimmer and Johnny Maar share new songs from James Bond sheet No Time to Die

Hans Zimmer and Johnny Maar have shared two new songs from their score for James Bond No Time to Die.

Tracks arrive ahead of the UK release of the highly anticipated 007 next week (September 30), and follow last year’s lead track “No Time To Die”, written and performed by Billie Eilish.

“The countdown to #NoTimeToDie has begun,” Zimmer wrote on Instagram. “We just released two new songs from @007’s total.”

On October 1, the day after the film’s UK premiere, the full soundtrack will be available for purchase and streaming. The film will open in the US a week later (October 8).

Hear two new tracks “Matera” and “We Shouldn’t Get to Know Each Other First” below:

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Speaking to NME last year, Johnny Marr paid tribute to Billie Eilish, after the duo joined forces on the Bond track “No Time To Die.”

Marr said he was “delighted” to play guitar on the track, explaining, “Having grown up as a British kid in the late ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, for me, the Bond theme must have the guitar, especially John. Barry material.”

On the same topic, Marr praised Eilish’s efforts as “brilliant” and described the poem created by Eilish and her brother Phineas O’Connell as a “courageous” choice.

“When I heard the song, I thought that was cool.

Watch the full video interview below:

Reviewing Billie Eilish’s “No Time To Die” after its release last year, NME wrote: “Going down the path of recognition means that ‘No Time To Die’ is unlikely to be remembered as a first-class Bond track in the coming years; no You also can’t help but wonder what the alternate look would have looked like, which guides all the artist’s unmistakable statements.

“But when viewed fairly, this is a powerful effort that neatly executes on Daniel Craig’s subtle and only Bond.”

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