Haitian police restore ban on protests

Port-au-Prince, police d

Today, Haiti recalled the ban on demonstrations during the state of siege imposed by the government, after threats of protests by a group of armed gangs.

The Foundation’s management confirmed that the employees were instructed to take all necessary “coercive measures” against violators of the provisions.

And the authorities declared, since last Wednesday, a state of siege, after the assassination of President Jovenel Moss, which was later eased by allowing economic activities, commercial flights and the return of public officials to their jobs.

The day before, Jimmy Schreizer, at the head of a federation of gangs and allies of the Group of 9, called for a mobilization in this capital, and called for political reforms after the dawn assassination on Wednesday, in which first lady Martin Moss was wounded. .

In addition to the protests called by the gangs, in recent days a notice from Peyi Lok, the operation promoted by the opposition in 2019 that shut down the capital and surrounding cities for more than two months, circulated on social media.

The announcement led to a frantic buying of supplies, food products, fuel and water, while some decided to move to the provinces.

I’m going to my relatives’ house in Jeremy (Grand Anse), so I know what’s going to happen in the country. I couldn’t resist the new peyi lok in Port-au-Prince, Jean-Claude, who survived as a motorcyclist near Neret, one of Pétionville’s subdivisions, told Prensa Latina.

The siege of the capital was particularly painful for its more vulnerable residents, who found it difficult to access water and basic necessities, while department stores in wealthier areas operated sporadically.

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The government, for its part, maintains that the country is under control, although it has requested the support of North American forces to protect key infrastructure and ensure the safety of the population.

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