Hailey Baldwin has shared some pictures of Justin Bieber having a moment of relaxation.

Hailey Baldwin Apparently she hears her followers asking her to re-upload pictures with her husband Justin Beiber. The couple haven’t posted pictures together or their boozy dedications for quite some time, leading to speculation about a possible fight between them. But finally, the 24-year-old supermodel showed that she’s happier than ever with the 27-year-old pop star.

The daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin shared with her 35.5 million followers Instagram Three black and white footage of a clear walk he and “Lonely” singer took to the beach. In the first picture, Justin Bieber is shown lying on a towel lying in the sand, apparently sunbathing, or enjoying a nice nap.

The singer was topless, with his head on his arms and hair on his face. In a second photo, Healy captured the vast ocean and palm trees that were just steps away from the beach shore. In a third photo, Bieber is shown sitting on the sand with his hands clenched and his eyes closed. By this time, he was wearing a beach hat and under his wet hair.

Healy does not appear in the photos and does not say where they are. The one thing I was limited to writing in the post’s caption was “Dreamer,” referring to the naps Justin took under the sound of waves and breezes. The new photos of the model come after she shared snapshots of her adventure with some friends, including Kendall Jenner.

The stars of the fashion shows enjoyed a trip to one of the most visited tourist destinations in Latin America such as Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The duo, along with other friends, were delighted last week with the local beaches and their tropical summer climate. They both shared some pictures in a bathing suit while walking, even though they didn’t have great detailing.

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