Hackers steal more than $ 100 million in cryptocurrency by carrying out cyberattacks against American celebrities

10 criminals were arrested after the investigation, which involved law enforcement agencies from the UK, USA, Belgium, Malta and Canada.

A group of hackers carried out cyber attacks on American celebrities, as they stole cryptocurrency valued at more than $ 100 million. Communicate This Wednesday Interpol. Eight criminals were arrested on Tuesday, while two other members of the same group were previously arrested.

The attacks were carried out in 2020 against thousands of people, including sports stars, musicians, “influencers” and their families.

The hackers used the type of fraud known as “ SIM swapping ”, in which they deactivated the victim’s SIM card and transferred her phone number to another card belonging to a member of the criminal group. The process is usually done by a phone service provider and many use it when their phones are lost or stolen.

By accessing their victim numbers, criminals have been able to change and gain control over the passwords of their apps and accounts. “This allowed them to steal money, cryptocurrency and personal information, including contacts synced to online accounts,” they said from Interpol. “They also hijack social media accounts to post content and send messages disguised as the victim.”

They indicated that law enforcement agencies from the United Kingdom, the United States, Belgium, Malta and Canada were involved in the operation.

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