Guterres calls for more action against weak island states

During the opening of the Fourth Conference of Small Island Developing States, in the capital, the Secretary-General of the United Nations warned of the economic and environmental challenges facing this group.

“Their unique geography places them at the mercy of climate chaos, sea level rise and land degradation. Climate change represents an existential crisis for the entire human family, but small island developing States are on the front line.

At the same time, the High Representative warned that its unique economic situation, including its dependence on imports and the cost and complexity of its supply chains, generates a situation highly sensitive to global economic crises.

In this context, I acknowledge the agenda proposed at the meeting, which calls for halting and mitigating the dire effects of the climate crisis; building resilient economies; Promote safe, healthy and prosperous communities; Achieving water, food and energy security; Preserving biodiversity; Protecting and sustainably using the ocean and its resources.

Guterres urged governments of small island developing States to back up these words with bold investments and sustained commitment in all sectors of sustainable development.

At the same time, he called on the international community to support them, especially countries with greater responsibility and capacity to confront these challenges.

“Together, let us achieve meaningful change for people and communities in small island developing States and beyond, for the benefit of all humanity,” he concluded.

Omani Riyal/ebr

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