Guide to the Druid class in Diablo 4

Soon – in the summer of 2023, the entire gaming world will receive the release and continuation of the legendary RPG – Diablo 4.

You can play the project right now, for this you need to pay for early access and you can go to the servers to already try out the new plot, mechanics, customization system and graphics.

When creating a character, you will receive a completely naked character, as before, with which you will kill your first monsters and earn skills and weapons to speed up your pumping.

You can mine gold yourself by killing monsters, or buy diablo 4 gold from professional Skycoach players with a guarantee of anonymity to buy starting equipment from local NPCs and a significant boost at the start of the game.

Druid Basics in Diablo 4

Druid is a mixed class that combines ranged and melee skills and attacks. He calls and directs various animals and birds, and he can turn into one of the creatures to gain advantages in battle.

In Diablo, it has always been important not to equip the druid himself to attack, but to increase his defense and get as much equipment as possible with increasing skill levels of each call.

Druid class traits

The main feature of the class, in addition to the call, is the conversion of the character into one of two variations of animals for combat.

You can turn into a bear or a werewolf.

The bear will have a high defense rate, a strong attack, but from the minuses it is slowness and sluggishness, which may cause problems with catching up targets for successful attacks.

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With a werewolf, the situation is reversed – you have increased mobility and attack speed, but cannot deal heavy damage.

To summarize the two transformations, then the Druid has the ability to bite into the enemy under ideal conditions of keeping him in one place, or quickly get to the target, or vice versa, get out of the fight with the help of the werewolf.

Basics of pumping and skills of the Druid class

The druid as a class can aperate and summon four spirits and can use not only animal skills, but also to apply debuffs and poisons. The basis of the class is the Spirit parameter – it is responsible for summoning animals and the possibility of turning into one of them to receive power-ups.

Main perfumes:

  • Deer
  • Wolf
  • Eagle
  • Snake

The main skills of a druid can be broken down into 6 points:

Basic attacks are skills with low damage, which during the attack weaken the target and accumulate the effect of the spirit – the main thing for the ability to change the appearance and summon animals and birds.

Basic skills – inflict more damage due to the consumption of spirits, make it possible to change their appearance and endow the character with special passive skills of each of the totem animals.

Defensive skills – shields and barriers that allow you to protect yourself from a number of attacks and skills and replenish your overall health in addition to the potions’ capabilities.

Wrath skills are counter-attacking and storage skills that allow you to inflict great damage on the enemy, or vice versa, heal the druid due to the accumulated energy.

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Skills to summon companions – in Diablo 4, all animals and birds that a druid can summon will fight on his side and damage opponents, or strengthen and bless the druid himself. Depending on the availability of good equipment, you can improve the damage of pets and increase their total number during the call.

Ultimate – these skills are unique for each class and serve as a pleasant ending and a tasty morsel to complete the progression. You choose one of three skill options that will significantly increase the combat capabilities of the druid.

Combat tactics

The druid has non-standard gameplay and many shapeshifting skills, which can make the learning process difficult and easy for a beginner.

The druid deals mainly magic attacks and uses poison and, if necessary, directs his pets into combat against opponents.

The druid can destroy bosses on his own by simply sending his army of summoned creatures to him. It is important to monitor their survivability – the druid can hardly be called a dense class, he is more likely to simply not be at the forefront of attacks than to be a strong and durable target for damage, especially the boss.

The main advantage of the fourth part of Diablo is the binding of skills to skins and active buttons.

For example, if with physical damage it is more profitable to be turned into the form of a bear, and to attack with magic or poison you need to turn into a werewolf, the Druid, or rather the character, will do everything on his own and the player only needs to monitor the correctness and expediency of using skills, and not the grammatical sequence their use on the enemy.

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To summarize everything that is said in the guide, then the Druid is a single multiclass that can independently provide itself with everything necessary in terms of equipment and weapons and farm any boss with high quality by maintaining distances, summoning animals and birds, constantly changing forms and using all passive skills during combat.

The difficulty class can be said to be simple and desirable for a first character if you are a beginner. The same magician, or barbarian will be more simple and understandable, while Diablo 4 will obviously be replayable, then you will have a reason to go through the game with several characters and classes.

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