Guatemalan president inaugurates social work in Escuintla

Giammattei opened his schedule in San José Escuintla, where he appreciated the improvements made to the Boys’ Primary School in the metropolitan area with Education Minister Claudia Ruiz.

Speaking at the event, the Head of State highlighted the changes from the expansion of the old facility, including 14 new classrooms with the latest technology to enhance the teaching and learning process.

He noted that through this work, students and teachers are provided with appropriate pedagogical spaces and learning is enhanced through play.

Ruiz noted that the technology suite includes the use of electronic tablets, content delivery server, video player, charging station, multimedia speakers, usage licenses and access to platforms.

As the second stop on his tour, Giamatti opened a section of the country road that connects the cargo airport to the Puerto San José Expressway.

He pointed out that among its advantages is reducing time and improving conditions for the flow of passenger and cargo transport, with its direct impact on the local economy.

The President explained that in this case, more than five thousand families will benefit from Escuintla, and it consists of two phases.

He said the first seven kilometers and a second section of the street leading from Yarra to Embalm, in Puerto San Jose, were delivered on Saturday.

Giamatti and his team were accompanied in official activities by the Mayor of Puerto San Jose, Marco Njarro, and the Governor of Escuintla, Luis Hernandez.

The governor also announced new works, including a road to prevent at least a thousand tankers from passing through the port area, and a bridge to replace a bailey-type structure at the entrance to the municipality.

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He also commented on the interest of investors in the region to establish free zones, noting that they will provide more sources of employment and boost the national economy.

“I hope before this government ends we start to see what Puerto San Jose will be, an industrial city, but an organized industrial city, with services and an airport,” he said.

The day before, Giamatti and part of his cabinet had completed a similar work day in Chimaltenango as part of his fourth presidential tour.

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