Guatemalan president highlights transparency of spending implementation

In presenting the Fourth Accountability Report for the first quarter, Giamatti called on residents to conduct a social scrutiny, but in an informed and documented way, to contribute together to building a better country.

There are nine transparency portals on the website of the Ministry of Finance, through which all ministries’ expenditures can be reviewed and the text displayed on Monday will be in full on the web pages of the Ministry of Social Communication, Presidency of the Republic. He referred to the Anti-Corruption Authority and the Ministry of Finance.

The official specified that the implementation of the budget amounted to 35 percent in the current month, up from 25.7 percent of the report with the closing of last April.

Only in physical investment, there are 5,860 current projects nationwide with progress over 40 percent, according to Giamatti.

In his opinion, this exercise is “a continuation of what was conducted last year and depends on establishing a culture of transparency aimed at knowing the expenses of the public office.”

For his part, the head of the Ministry of Finance, Alvaro Gonzalez, stressed that the current implementation rate reflects that the government has a path and is able to use it according to the needs of the country and not at the expense of debts. Or loans, but an increase in tax collection.

Among the agencies that made the most progress, he cited education, health, communications and infrastructure, although previously most of the money was used to pay salaries.

In addition, he considered one of the outstanding achievements of the period to improve the risk perspective of the national economy, which moved from stable to positive.

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Despite the executive’s optimism, Alternative Investigations warn that spending does not always have the effect of meeting the needs of the vast majority, but rather on favoring businesses and projects awarded to relatives of politicians and former candidates and paying electoral debts.

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