Guatemalan authorities recommend avoiding traffic accidents

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Volunteer rescuers have attended several traffic accidents in the past few hours, especially with motorists involved, so they suggested that the group drive carefully and avoid driving at excessive speed.

The Traffic Department of the National Civil Police (PNC) reported that it is working on a road safety plan, which seeks to prevent accidents on the streets and highways of the 22 provinces.

He stressed the importance of moving responsibly on public roads during these holidays “to prevent and reduce road accidents that cause mourning for your family and friends.”

If the Philippine National Police detects a person driving under the influence of alcohol, it will impose a penalty based on current legislation, which stipulates a fine ranging from five thousand quetzals ($633) to 25 thousand quetzals (about three thousand and 200 dollars).

Official data indicate that during the end-of-year holidays the number of traffic accidents in Guatemala increases, firstly due to increased consumption of alcoholic beverages and secondly due to speeding abuse.

Deaths from this cause in the territory (1823), according to data from January to October, reflect a significant increase, higher than in the same period of 2022 (1777).

Official estimates indicate that this number may rise in November and December, and even exceed the 2,176 deaths in the previous annual period, which is alarming compared to the 1,461 deaths in 2010.

Damaso Rosales, an urban planner and analyst concerned with mobility issues, commented that although the Department of Transportation is doing its job, it does not have the capacity and personnel to cover the country with operations and other prevention measures.

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The reality shows that this time leaves many families in mourning, despite the official plan of “zero tolerance” road and punishments, so the recommendations are always very valid.


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