Growth and Development Matrix | The Governor at the SF500 Life Science Fund meeting

Governor Omar Beiruti yesterday led a meeting of the SF500 Life Sciences Fund, which aims to turn teams of researchers into founders of biotech startups to form 500 new technology-based companies in Santa Fe. “I am convinced that if we want to know what is in the future, it must be investing in science and technology and in evaluating what has been built. This is where Argentina has a huge potential to generate a development matrix that will put us back on the path of growth,” Perotti said.

“I strongly believe in the public, the private and the most important assets of Argentina, the Nobel Prize winners and its scientific and technological system,” the governor said during the event at the Conicet Rosario Science and Technology Center.

SF500 is a project originating from the initiative of Bioceres Corporation, Santa Fe County and several actors from the Santa Fe innovation community. It seeks to promote the development of a life sciences-based ecosystem, which generates the conditions to strengthen entrepreneurial teams.

The activity began with speeches by those in charge of the project, Francisco Buchara, Fernando Esa Pavia and Juan Soria, who made the SF500 value proposition. Then, the first stories of the entrepreneurs who will get the investment and direction were shared. Subsequently, a “Why Do We Believe This” session took place, where Governor Omar Perotti and Bioceres CEO, Federico Trocco spoke.

“This is very important to us. There are very good people working here, it represents the potential to generate something great, a revolution that we want to support,” Bouchara said. In turn, Trucco said the experience lies in “confidence building,” and assessed that there is a ruler who “decides to create an instrument for building heritage from public resources.”

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Finally, the SF500 team spoke with Diego Miralles, CEO of Laronde Biotech Boston; and Pepe Sánchez, the former golden generation of basketball and director of the Dow Center, a talent development center in Bahía Blanca, as they talked about Biorevolution being tried all over the world.

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