Grown of the Great, Medical School of UG

The University of Guanajuato School of Medicine has graduated entire generations of renowned medical professionals. Several alumni met on Saturday, May 28, when the book “White Roses”, which tells the story of the prestigious academic institution, was presented.

Rosas Blancas, written by physicians Pablo Campos Macías and Luis Humberto López Salazar, is a deep and comprehensive investigation of how the College came into being and how it grew, collecting documents and testimonies.

Campos Macias, the event’s organizer, noted in his welcome message:
“I see many comrades of many generations, dear teachers (…) Today, we see bees with joy, and we return to our honeycomb. It is our reunion with our university.”

Campos noted that the University of Guanajuato’s important role in the state’s scientific, cultural and artistic development is unparalleled. It has been just over 77 years since the medical school was founded.

The President of the University of Guanajuato, Luis Felipe Guerrero Agrippino, highlighted the following in his letter to the Medical School alumni:

“I have never been present at an event like today: a great diversity of generations. Today I am honored to attend with an honorable representation from the university community, our beloved House of Studies. This is a meeting to remember, to commemorate, and to bring to mind the symbols that give meaning to the University of Guanajuato.”

Guerrero Agrippino noted that a large number of people made the medical school educational project their life, giving the university a privileged position as such.

“To talk about a medical school means to talk about a normative standard for bees, which are a symbol and a great importance. Lyon in its contemporary stage cannot be understood without the presence of this school, and the studies had a great ability to transform into the changing conditions of reality”, warned the rector.

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