Gregorio Iraola said the challenge will be to get other GACHs and strengthen the link to science – Information – 06/17/2021

Gregorio IraulaPh.D. in Biological Sciences and Director of the Microbial Genomics Laboratory at Pasteur Institute in MontevideoThis Thursday, he said, the challenge will be to have teams of advisors like Honorary Scientific Advisory Group (All) In different fields, it maintains over time the relationship that has arisen between science and other areas of society and strengthens it.

In addition, it is essential that this link “beyond political partisanship” and be maintained over time as a state policy that transcends “changes of colors in government”. The data was in dialogue with Informative carving (Radio Carf).

In turn, Iraola believes that GACH has generated consensus about the merits of scientific analysis or interpretation of technical findings to solve problems or make recommendations.

He added: “Evidence has emerged at the social level that science can contribute, not only to health, but to many other areas that help in the development of the state, including the economy.”

Raphael Rady announced on Wednesday the completion of GACH. The scientist met with Henry Cohen and Fernando Paganini – the three coordinators of the group – with President Louis Lacalle Poe.

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