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Mexiquense Council for Science and Technology (ComesetMasters students are invited to participate in the call Edoméx Graduate ScholarshipIn strategic areas: agricultural sciences, exact sciences, engineering and technologies, social, economic and administrative sciences.

Through this type of scholarship, we invite higher education institutions in the State of Mexico to apply for professionals who have been admitted or who are pursuing a master’s degree, with the aim of contributing to their social and economic improvement, as well as their training and professional development, which have been directed to us by Governor Alfredo Del MazooBernardo Almraz Calderon, Comeset Director General, commented.

He confirmed that the grant will consist of a monthly financial support of 7,000 pesos, according to the official start date of the program. Some of the requirements are to be a resident of the State of Mexico, not to be a direct beneficiary of another social development program and to be accepted to study or study a master’s degree at an educational institution affiliated with the entity before the call is closed.

In a presentation of this method for the agricultural and industrial sector, which was held in the facilities of the provincial secretariat, the head of the said agency, Mercedes Colin Guadarrama, highlighted the importance that students associated with the agriculture, aquaculture and forestry sectors could aspire to, the grant said.

For their part, Maribel Gongura Espinosa, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher and Ordinary Education in the State of Mexico, as well as Alfredo Mercado Velasco, Director of Advanced Studies at the Autonomous State of Mexico, highlighted that the highest studies and education institutions state-controlled university have attractive offers of programs for those Who are looking to continue their studies in these strategic areas.

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The application period is open from February 22 to March 19; The call can be returned on the website

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