GP Miami F1 2022: Miami ends US lack of interest in F1

aPart of the new circuit, of washed asphalt that did not cling and did not rise, and the absence of absorbent protections in some curves, The Miami GP was a complete success in terms of the attention of the American television audience. A race that could mean the final take-off of Formula 1 in a country that has long considered something extravagant, and too technical for the “iron” they were used to seeing in their domestic competitions, such as NASCAR, which is still a star of the engine in the USA.

The ESPN series, which is now exploiting television rights in the United States, revealed that the race in Florida broke the audience record (with a paid audience), With an average of 2.6 million and a maximum of 2.9 million last Sunday. It doesn’t seem like much compared to other sports, but if you take into account that it’s not that popular, the numbers are very noticeable.

And in 2023, Las Vegas

Everyone agrees that in the Netflix documentary series (a type of written fiction), “Campaign for survival”, It is largely responsible for this momentum, something that was already seen in the 2021 Austin Test, where Toto wolf and Christian Homer They were better known than in Europe and fans constantly forbade them to take selfies and ask for autographs, which is somewhat strange on the Old Continent.

The Miami Grand Prix is ​​one of two races on this year’s calendar, but Las Vegas arriving in 2023, It shows the growing interest in the world’s highest class of four-wheelers. To be the night race in The famous bar with the race on Saturday night, Something unheard of in F1

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Increase audience by 53% in 2022

ESPN reports that the average audience during the first five races increased 53% Compared to the same period in 2021, which was the most watched F1 Championship so far on American television. The 2002 Monaco Grand Prix, which followed the Indianapolis 500, averaged 2.784 1 million viewers and was the most watched Formula 1 television broadcast in American television history.

They also remember that the previous record for the audience in a live broadcast of the race was 1,744 million dating to 1995 Brazilian Grand Prix. Liberty Media and its management are clearly achieving something that has been a real wall of F1 historically.

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