Governor David Monreal Avila holds a meeting with the UK Ambassador to Mexico, John Benjamin – Zacatecas State Government

Governor David Montreal Avila holds a meeting with the UK Ambassador to Mexico, John Benjamin

  • They discussed environmental policy issues and the President of Zacatecas State expressed his commitment to respecting and preserving natural resources.
  • They reaffirmed their position in favor of responsible mining and environmental care

Zacatecas, Zach, November 9, 2023.- Governor David Monreal Ávila met with the UK Ambassador to Mexico, John Benjamin, with whom he discussed issues of environmental policy and responsible development of the mining sector.

The Head of State received at the Government Palace representatives of the United Kingdom Embassy, ​​and spoke before them about the public responsibility and commitment that the Authority bears towards the environment, in which an issue no less important than climate change was pursued.

He recognized that this issue is the most important and must be promoted to avoid further environmental degradation and so that economic and technological activities are compatible with environmental care.

Governor David Monreal Avila noted that the state of Zacatecas is working on evolving environmental issues, and he considered that the first step forward is to translate them into the legal framework.

For this reason, I celebrate the visit of the British Ambassador in the context of the delivery of the implementing regulations for the Climate Change Law to the State of Zacatecas and municipalities, as a continuation of the efforts made by the Government of Zacatecas to prepare it. Zacatecas, in coordination with the civil society organization Environmental Legislation and Policy (POLEA) and the UK Government’s UK Partnership to Accelerate Climate Transitions (UK PACT), which supports governments striving to overcome barriers to clean growth.

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Monreal Ávila reaffirmed his commitment to promoting responsible mining, a premise that he insisted on in his meetings with mining companies, which he asked to take measures to take care of the environment and which were receptive to this situation.


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