Gordon Elliott and the picture it doesn’t deserve: with a cell phone on a dead horse

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It is a huge dissatisfaction caused in an image Gordon Elliott, Is successful Irish horse racing coachThat was displayed Sit on my dead horse while talking on a cell phone. The postcard didn’t take long to go viral, where it was more than controversial.

Gordon Elliott He excelled in his profession thanks Won the major national title three timesThe most important obstacle course horse race in the world United kingdom, Although this was of little use at the time the image went viral.

And that the photo aroused such discontent, that some network users even posted:Hope Gordon Elliott never works with a horse of any kind againExpress a fan.

I really apologize

Faced with constant questioning, Gordon Elliott He had no choice but to confirm his position on the facts, assuring that he had never intended to be mocked Horse deathIt made it easy for her to sit down to take the call.

I deeply apologize for any offense this photo may have caused.. The well-being of every horse is of the utmost importance.

“I was standing next to the horse waiting for help in removing the body, During which I got a call and sat down to answer it without thinking. When I heard someone screaming from my team, I nodded to him to wait until it was over. “

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