Google will use artificial intelligence in case of cell phone theft

Google Announce a New tool Which they will implement on their devicesTo know what to do when a cell phone theft occurs. It will be a procedure that uses artificial intelligence to detect when this situation occurs and thus “destroy” it.


To protect user information.

It was during the Google I/O 2024 event when they informed the audience about the updates that their operating system will receive. So, By applying artificial intelligence, they hope to provide better customer service. It should be noted that they will also implement a tool to detect false or fraudulent calls.

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This is how Google’s cell phone theft detection works


cell phone

It is an increasingly popular topic, especially in Latin American countries. And for this reason, Android will have automatic theft detection functionArtificial intelligence will be used to identify unusual movements associated with phone theft.

In other words, If someone tries to snatch the phone and escape,

It will be locked automatically regardless of whether it is loaded or not. It will make the cell phone unusable and will protect users’ information.

The AI ​​will use technology capable of analyzing the device’s natural movement patterns And distinguish it from the “sudden” that can occur in


. However, this is just the first step. Below is a Factory reset protection tool. Which makes it difficult for thieves to resell the cell phone.

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If that is not enough, You can also lock your cell phone remotely. Through another device you have linked, you can block all functions of the phone, using a number and a security challenge that only the owner of the device should know.

This new one Updates will be available from devices running Android 15. However, items such as remote locking and theft detection lock will now be available for equipped mobile phones



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