Google TV now has over 800 free channels

channels fast (Free TV with Ads) is becoming inevitable these days and is gaining popularity thanks to their combination of family reruns and news programs offered for free. Almost any modern smart TV you buy these days will have a good number of them. Rocco And Amazon (with Fire TV) are big advocates for this type of content. and now, Google It further intensifies its focus on the content fast linear.

Starting today in the United States, the platform Google TV The company is adding a large number of channels fast additional. Whether you’re watching the show from a Chromecast or a TV that’s running the show, you’ll start to see them come out in the next few weeks.

Google TV already offered content fast to Pluto TVbut is now expanding its offering to include channels the tubeAnd plex And Haystack News. next to, Google TV You add your own channels fast It can be streamed without having to go into an app. Google states that this adds up to a total of “over”. 800 channels Stream free TV from multiple providers in one place.” However, you should keep in mind that when the company mentions “one place,” it is only referring to a guide television He lives; In some cases, you will still need to install and open some of these apps to view linked channels.

As a sign of how serious he is at driving fastAnd Google Also planning to “bring the new directory to television and free channels on devices Android TV Eligible later this year,” which means this won’t be limited to just new programs Google TV. If you have Nvidia ShieldTV or other devices based Android TVYou will also be able to access these channels. For people who refuse to pay for any kind of subscription services from television live programming fast It can definitely come in handy to fill idle moments when you are tired NetflixAnd HBO Max or other major streaming services.

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However, if you pay for YouTube TVAnd sling tv Or another service that is already integrated with the directory television Direct from Google TVThis flood of new content can be overwhelming. Google Tell me there is no way to completely hide the content fastbut channels television The live streams of your subscriptions will appear at least at the top of the directory. You’ll be able to save your favorite networks to the top of the guide for faster access, so hopefully there’s minimal scrolling through dozens and dozens of linear channels with shows you’ve never heard of. But sometimes that is part of the experience fast, friends. At least they are organized into easy to explore categories.

Expand tab television Live comes after Google Other changes will be implemented in the interface Google TV, primarily focused on the main screen, in February. This redesign involved removing the Movies and Shows sections from the main navigation bar and moving them to the For You tab. Before that, Google Library improvement and directory improvement television He lives.

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Editor’s note: It’s like going back in time to watch channels with commercials, but once you do, you find that there are breaks to go to the bathroom or kitchen, distract yourself a little … not bad, and find old programs that will wake you up nostalgic.

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