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It has been a long time since users They urgently require a dark mode, since the bright light of the aforementioned browser ends up blinding them at night, when you find yourself switched off and brightness at 100% so you can see your device screen. Finally, it’s been recognized that Chrome already has its own dark mode. Want to know how to activate it? Here we will teach you all the steps.

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It’s true that It provides you a dark theme on mobile phones, tablets, computers or laptops, however, this only applies to the main interface of the search engine and tabs, it means that when you search for something, your vision will be affected by the white light anyway.

To activate it, simply press the three vertical dots located in the upper right, enter “Settings” and in the “Theme” section you will see two options: “Light” and “Dark”, the last option is created to save cell phone battery.

dark mode. To the left of the main interface of the Google Chrome browser and to the right the moment you do a search (Image: Mag)

According to the information published by the means , it was discovered Google Chrome It already has its own dark mode, which is news that undoubtedly brings relief in the eyes of desktop users. In addition, this mode will apply to the entire design of the above-mentioned search engine, since there will be no empty spaces at the time of use.

It is important to clarify that the tool is slowly expanding in different countries of the world and is likely to reach in the coming weeks to all users of iOS from Apple or Android from Google, we recommend to pay attention to a possible update from Google Play or App Store in the case of mobile phones.

How to activate dark mode

  • Go to Chrome’s “Settings” and select the “Appearance” section (if you can’t find it yet, it means you don’t have dark mode enabled on your account).
  • Here you will see 3 options: “Dark theme” or “Light theme” and “Default device”.
  • Choose the first one we mentioned. Although it says a theme, it is all about the dark mode.

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