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I will always say that Google Images Currently the best platform for storing photos and videos, why? Simple, not only does it keep My Files securely in your Gmail account, it also gives you the tools to edit and create automatic backups, but the best part is that you can transfer items to another mobile device after you start signing in with your Google account.

WhatWhat is Album Archive?? It’s basically a folder created in 2016 with the goal of centralizing all the photos or videos we share through various Google services, mainly on Blogger and Hangoust. If you submit a photo or clip from Google Photos on these platforms, you can save it before it disappears forever on July 19, the date the Album Archive will be deleted.

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Why would it be removed? Because we are used to saving files in the same application, for example: Blogger created its own media storage, while the Hangoust messaging platform closed last year. Next from mag We’ll teach you how to find out if you’ve saved photos or videos to your Album Archive and also how to create a backup so you don’t lose them..

So you can save your photos from Google Photos before closing them to the album archive

  • First, to find out if you have something to save before lockdown (July 19), access the following link: .
  • If there are only a few photos or videos, download them manually, or learn how to make a copy.
  • joining to “Get outClick .
  • It will immediately show the selected Image File as the only service for making the copy.
  • Click the blue “Next Step” button.
  • In the new window, go to the “Move to:” section and select “Email download link”.
  • In “Frequency” select “Export Once” > “File Type” would be “.zip” (Recommended).
  • Finally, click Create Export and Google Within a few hours, it will send you an email with your files to download. We recommend that you do this on a PC or laptop.
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5 tricks you can do with Google Photos

  • Image search using Google AI: The app has developed an image search tool that relies on facial recognition algorithms to find photos. Likewise, people can put in keywords and even emojis to find the desired images.
  • Scan photos and documents: Among the other functions that Google has is the “FotoScan” function which, as its name indicates, allows you to digitize photos by turning your cell phone into a scanner. To do this, just place the photo in front of the camera sensor, select the button to take the photo and follow the instructions to place the device at the four points indicated by the application.
  • Create shared albums: More often than not, we find ourselves in the situation of having to share photos with one or more people. Unfortunately, when shared via platforms like Whatsapp, the image quality drops significantly. For this reason, to avoid this kind of situation, the application has developed the function of sharing the album with other people. To activate it, you just need to go to the menu and select the option “Add a collaborator account”.
  • Recover deleted photos: If you are cleaning up the photos in the app and accidentally deleted some photos, don’t worry, because the app has developed a tool that allows you to restore them easily. To do this, you just have to enter the deleted folder, select the photos you want to recover and hit the “Restore” option.

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