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If you have an Android or iOS phone from Apple, you must have installed it , the application that you use on certain occasions to go to a certain place that you still do not know. This platform not only gives you cues through the map but also tells you with your voice when you have to move right, left, forward and backward. Today we will teach you an interesting trick to quickly locate your house in the application after changing its code, how do I do that? Here we will explain everything.

did you know Allows you to change your home icon? It is a tool that has been around for a long time, to be specific since 2016, but users don’t know about it because it is hidden among the app settings. Best of all, you don’t need to download any external app to your smartphone.

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It is important to clarify that before changing the code, you must first configure your home address Google Maps How do you do this? It’s simple, open the application, and in the search bar type “home”, the following message will appear: “Add the” home address “(from your home) to your personal places to be able to quickly search for them in Google. Only you will be able to see your personal places “, Two options will appear below the notification: ‘No, thanks’ and ‘Add’, choose the last option.

Now, a new window will open where you can put your exact address directly or choose on the map, we recommend using the last option because it is more accurate. Locate the icon in the exact location of your home and finally click “Save”.

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How to save your home address in Google Maps (Photo: Mag)

How to change your house icon in Google Maps

  • Open Google Mapss and click on the “Saved” tab located at the bottom.
  • Then enter “Tagged”, where is your home address.
  • Press the three dots on the right side, several options will be displayed and choose “Change icon”.
  • After that, a wide list of icons will open for selection such as: building, farm house, igloo, submarine, etc.
  • When you choose, click Save.
  • This will be all. As you can see, the icon will have already changed on the map.
Path to changing your home address code (Photo: Mag)
Path to changing your home address code (Photo: Mag)

newly Google Maps Adding a new tool that will alert you if a bus or station is crowded with people, in order to avoid infection and spread of COVID-19, it is also helpful to decide on an alternate route. Find out all the details of this tool below .

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