Google announces the installation of a submarine cable linking the United States, Spain and the United Kingdom

Image: google.

Completed installation of new submarine cable known as Grace Hopperlinking the United States, Spain and the United Kingdom, This was announced on Tuesday by the US company Google.

The project will connect New York with the British town of Bude and the Spanish municipality of Bilbao. The 16 pairs of installed fibers should improve the resistance of the Google network, according to expectations.

The official statement guarantees that Grace Hopper represents a new generation of transatlantic cable.

This submarine cable is also expected to positively impact the California-based company’s planning and preparation for its customers’ future capacity needs, meeting the growing demands for connectivity and broadband services.

“The cable will use the new ‘fiber switch’, which allows us to better move traffic around interruptions for greater reliability.”.

Another prediction refers to More flexible and secure information exchange between America and Europe, thus increasing capacity and improving Google services Like Meet, Gmail, and Google Cloud.

Grace Hopper will use a file Omni-Directional Transformation Engineering That would put the company in better conditions of resilience and network resistance.

(with information from RT in Spanish)

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