Goodbye to the most incompetent government

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Each pig gets its own San Martin. I don’t know what strange reason this saying came to my mind after the announcement of the general election being moved forward to July by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

No doubt I would have remembered the same saying then Liz Truss, Boris Johnson, Theresa May also David Cameron They could have been the occupants of No. 10 Downing Street instead of A Rishi Sunak Who, without forgetting his incompetence, inherited a government that was marching unchecked towards the greatest electoral defeat in memory, which will end on the Fourth of July.

I had hoped that one of his predecessors would have met the fate that the Conservative Party will suffer in the new elections, and that he would spare us from some of the ugly chapters we have lived through since Boris Johnson won the last election.

Boris Johnson’s indisputable victory has opened the floodgates to endless attacks, class actions, various forms of corruption and shameful attitudes by a government that has left material so that several seasons of TV series can be created… not of comedy.

Boris Johnson’s indisputable victory has opened the floodgates to countless attacks, class actions, various forms of corruption and disgraceful attitudes.

The heavy rain coincided with the announcement of the new elections and created a perfect scene with Rishi Sunak attending the press next to the podium placed at these events outside his residence and leaving an image that perfectly represented the current state of his government and the Sharp blows to the Conservative Party For a long time and from all directions.

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I imagine bookmakers will have a large number of bets trying to guess the difference between the hundreds of seats between Keir Starmer Who has everything on his side, without having to show many ideas to attract voters, and not even a program that holds hopes since working with a conservative party is in free fall.

Keir Starmer is already speaking out “turn the page”But for many, it’s not just the page that needs to be turned, perhaps what needs to be done is changing the entire book.

The United Kingdom has been in a state of shock since 2016, with Britain’s unexpected exit from the European Union and the hasty and meaningless negotiations to leave the European Union.

Keir Starmer will not address Brexit nor offer a way out of this mess. The new government will not deviate from the specified path even if it knows that the fate is still much worse than the one it could return to by joining the European Union project after admitting the mistake for which its citizens and companies are paying.

The pandemic arrived at the moment we were leaving the EU, adding to the effects of a crisis we had caused ourselves, and in fact acting as the perfect rug to be pulled out to sweep up all the real impact of Brexit.

Keir Starmer has everything on his side and, without having to demonstrate many ideas to attract voters, he’s got the job done with a Conservative party in free fall.

The election of ministers and chancellors has shown that the Conservatives have a large cabinet full of incompetent and classist people. Many came to the government with the idea of ​​implementing some of them Such hateful thoughts Like sending illegal immigrants to Rwanda… and it is now known that this idea will never be implemented despite the many headlines and hours of television that have been used to cover its most populist proposals and with less than a sense of morality or empathy.

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In the end, it is much ado about nothing, and we should be happy that no one will suffer personally from a plan that did not respect any rights of migrants and punished them by taking them thousands of kilometers from the UK.

Human rights groups have already criticized the plan, arguing that it violates the rights of asylum seekers and their families, as well as concerns about the treatment they may receive in Rwanda and whether their rights will be adequately protected. Likewise, the plan has been questioned in terms of its compatibility with the UK’s international obligations, particularly the 1951 Refugee Convention and the European Convention on Human Rights.

The election date is being brought forward for several reasons, such as, for example, the growth in opinion polls for the Reform Party UK, a British political party that falls on the political spectrum as right-wing populist and Eurosceptic.

To prevent the British Vox Party from gaining more seats from the Conservative Party, it is a matter of bringing the election date forward and catching this new party unprepared and lacking the strength necessary to extract some parliamentarians from the Conservatives.

To prevent the British Vox party from gaining more seats away from the Conservative Party, it is a matter of bringing the election date forward and keeping this new party unprepared.

The latest economic indicators have given Rishi Sunak’s government a breather and inflation has fallen, but it has not reached a position that we can be proud of… But with everything that has fallen during this term, any sign, no matter how small, will be lost on us. It sells like a green plant, but economic growth in the first quarter of the year was an expensive 0.6%.

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In fact, there was no need for Sunak to worry other parties about the problems he has within his party, and the progress also serves to ensure that they will not be able to remove him from office, and that he also has the potential to become leader of his party during the election, holding on to his seat despite… He learned that his term could not be renewed.

The elections will mean change, but I wouldn’t dare say they will bring a breath of fresh air… Keir Starmer is not emotional His intention to represent everyone leaves aside slightly the sentiments of those in the Labor Party who will see how more progressive and reformist ideas are put aside to achieve greater consensus.

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