Goodbye to shared accounts and subscription with ads

Months after Netflix began cracking down on joint accounts, Disney+ will follow in the footsteps of its competitor. During Disney’s recent earnings meeting, the company’s CEO said, Bob Iger has announced that they will update their terms and conditions to address password sharing in 2024.

“We are looking for Ways to handle account sharing And what are the best options for paying subscribers to share their accounts with friends and family.” “Later this year, we will begin updating our subscription agreements with additional terms and our sharing policies, implementing tactics to drive monetization sometime in 2024,” he added.

For the time being, Egger did not reveal what actions they would take. At the same meeting, Iger also revealed that both Disney+ and Hulu would increase their monthly subscription prices. “We already have the technical ability to monitor the joint accounts. And I won’t give you number Specific, only to say so It is important. But we don’t know, until we get to work, how much of the password sharing we delete will translate into increased subscribers. Obviously, we think there will be some, but we wouldn’t. However, what we are saying is that in the 2024 calendar We will address this issue“he added.

Disney + also announced the arrival of a New subscription plan with ads At 5.99 euros per month. The new Standard with Ads plan will be available starting November 1, along with two other Standard and Premium subscription offers, in the following countries: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

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In SpainDisney + costs 8.99 € per month and 89.90 € per year on your standard plan No ads Allows simultaneous playback on two devices. Premium planwhich allows for four simultaneous copies of 4K UHD content, at a cost of 11.99 € per month and 119.90 € per year. The platform currently allows account sharing, offering unlimited downloads on up to 10 devices and up to 7 profiles. Existing subscribers will keep their existing subscription, which will become Premium, and will have the option to upgrade to the Standard Plan or the Standard Plan with Ads.

Netflix was the first streaming service to put an end to shared accounts And it started taking the first steps in early 2023. Since the implementation of the new Netflix plans, the company claims Gain five million subscribers.

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