Goodbye to high on a mission

Farewell Fernando Alonso s Alps Approaching. There are only a few weeks left for the pilot and the team to part their tracks again. We still have two races ahead. A harsh farewell to the parties, but it was not accompanied by the expected results in ‘the plan’.

It wasn’t Fernando Alonso’s best two seasons on the internet Formula 1But it was not him. The Spaniard showed great driving in his car controls, but bad luck has hit the Spaniard again and again due to his car failures.

However, Alonso is one of those people who always push themselves to the extremes of the track. Among those who are eager to win and even if they do not get it, they always give everything, but there are times when you cannot fight the storms on your own. This is what happened in the Enstone team.

Alps during the United States Grand Prix.


However, the Asturians will not leave the Alps in any way. He will do everything in his power in the latter two Fantastic prizesone of Brazil and one of Abu Dhabi. Two dates where he will put his hands on the wheel in the service of the Alps. Farewell Fernando Alonso will try to achieve it in style.

Despite facing problems within his team again at Interlagos, where Stephen Ocon Making him lose a lot of his options in the sprint race, he will fight for another fair in the controls of the Alps. A way to end the two-year cycle in the best possible way.

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World Cup for Builders

With practically everything set in Formula 1. There are still some open fronts for Alpine and its drivers. The World Cup for Builders It’s their main battle in the last two races, as they had a very tough battle with McLaren for fourth place.

A priori, Fernando Alonso will be one of the great champions in this uphill battle. The French dominate the fourth place in terms of meager income, however, they should not be neglected by Lando Norris s Daniel Ricciardo. For this, the cooperation between the Spaniard and his teammate Esteban Ocon is essential.

Fernando Alonso, during the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso, during the Brazilian Grand Prix.


In addition, the two-time world champion arrived fully motivated on the last dates and in Brazil he will try to overcome the problems that have plagued him in recent races. At the Mexican Grand Prix he was unable to finish due to a failure of the single-seat engine and in the United States he was affected by a blow from Lance Stroll.

So Fernando Alonso will be looking to lick his wounds at Interlagos. Although things didn’t go as expected when qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix afterwards His condition is with Ocon, he will try to get rid of the bad taste in his mouth that has plagued him in his last races.

Surprisingly, he was happy with the performance of the car despite what happened and He maintained some optimism ahead of Sunday’s race. He confirmed that with a “good start” and “good strategy” he could finish sixth or seventh because his car was “surprisingly fast”.

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Sunflower test for Alpine at the time of closing fourth place in the world championship, where they will go out with everything against their rivals, who were able to take the first step by adding three points in the sprint thanks to Lando Norris.

Goodbye with good feelings

Despite the fact that Fernando Alonso will bid farewell to the Alps much more bitterly than expected, he has once again managed to excite with his good performance on the track. Despite being 41 years old, he has shown himself as one of the most reliable drivers in the championship.

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His problem was, exclusively and exclusively, the lack of reliability that his team was able to provide him during all the tests of the championship. As he himself admitted, all these errors in the singles seat had punished him with over 60 World Championship points.

Despite his near farewell, both sides will bid an elegant farewell to seal a return to Formula 1 for the Spaniard that has been marked by the car’s constant ups and downs. For this, it is essential that both parties contribute their best.

Alonso with the Alps during the race.

Alonso with the Alps during the race.


In the case of Fernando Alonso, this is undeniable. He never gave up on him, and his voracious hunger has always characterized his role in the motorsport world. With two races remaining, his position will not be lower, so a new battle is expected in Brazil to do things well. For this, he will have to come back from 15th place, something he has been doing for the past two years.

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For its part, Alpine will strive to give him a reliable car that will allow him to withstand every turn he makes at Interlagos. This was the team’s biggest problem, but with the need to secure a fourth place, it seems almost mandatory to take a step forward on their part in this final stage of the championship.

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Therefore, if the two sides are able to show their best face in Brazil, and therefore in Abu Dhabi, the sensations will be the best before saying a final goodbye to a union on the verge of collapse. Fernando Alonso will go to Aston Martin And it will take its place Pierre Gasly. Two separate paths, but they can still complete the last mission in the tournament.

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