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Google Maps is one of the applications that has been very useful to us, like Waze, but everything seems to indicate that it will soon be replaced by a new application, which more than one has been waiting for due to its great feature.

As we already know, Google Maps > According to Google Help.

While Waze >.

We know how efficient both of the above mentioned apps are, however, like everything, people keep looking for ways to bring apps that become more efficient, as is the case with PamPam.

PamPam is an application where we can log in with Google and This is a new way to create custom guides for your community.This guide is in the form of a map and you are responsible for designing it yourself.

While almost all apps today feature Artificial Intelligence (AI), PamPam uses it to improve the app experience.

Create and share maps

PamPam gives you the ease of creating your own maps your way, pinpointing places, connecting with people, and creating your own event list.

Helena and Carlos are the creators of the software behind PamPam, making way for >.

Don’t worry about the basic template! PamPam offers you a variety of templates, all you have to do is choose one and customize it your way without any experience required.

Among the templates you’ll find, you can display a store locator, an events calendar, a city guide, a people guide, a public art walk and a wish list, the latter being the places you want to go.

Alternatively, you can add or integrate places, events, links, bookmarks, photos, videos, and even use a pen.

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To use this fun app, all you have to do is log in. Bam Bam, Click Start your mapOr you can try it with PamPam’s AI.

Every time you click Start your mapYou will then proceed to sign in with Google and follow the steps that appear.

It is worth noting that PamPam manages prices per service, i.e. it charges a fee. However, you can choose guest mode, which is free of charge, and you can create your own profile, search for up to 50 places, get duplicate maps and create your own map.

There is also the option to pay for $5 or $29 per month, and these packages include everything for free, points per map, custom fields, PamPam logo removal, support, access to all templates and more features.

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