Girls and guys who excel in science and beyond

when Adhara She was born, her mother never believed her The girl was very smart. Already nine years old I finished high school A year later It would be an industrial engineer, she is one from Girls and young men that Stand out in science In our country.

“I want to study astrophysics. I must study to be an astronaut.”

Adhara Perez Sanchez, girl genius.

Adhara combina sus Spatial targets And the Toys With her 4 year old sister.

That’s a little bit of genius It is originally from Veracruz, With an IQ of 162, compared to Albert Einstein And Stephen Hawking, two of his idols, has already given international conferences; Visiting US universities and he NASA’s guest of honor.

“Just like my mom tells me that if I don’t like my place, imagine where I want to be and see myself in NASA.”

Adhara Perez Sanchez, girl genius.

How is it going Talented girl exist Other girls Who are engaged in difficult exact sciences.

Teens on the Mathematics Olympiad team

Rebecca and Anna She is part of National Mathematics Team. The 15-year-old from Sinaloa was the first Mexican to set off Winning, in 2019, Three International Olympics.

“I do not consider myself a genius. If I were a genius, I suppose it would be very simple, but the opposite happens. It seems to me difficult, but it is difficult for me to continue learning even though it has become more and more difficult.

Rebecca Mungoya Romero, Mathematics Olympiad team member.

With 14 years, I She is the youngest member of the team that has achieved sixth place out of 53 countries, the best place in history, in the past. European Women’s Mathematics Olympiad.

“Before the exams I always feel very nervous but not much during the exam, because I focus on solving problems.”

Anna Ilance Martinez de la Vega, member of the Mathematics Olympiad team.

every one of them Inspiration – inspiration For more Girls and girls Go too far.

“There are still a few, although there are more and more, so there was more, and that father is now if there are many girls participating.”

Anna Ilance Martinez de la Vega, member of the Mathematics Olympiad team.

“It’s inspiring to have women participating in science, because it somehow shows me that I can do these things in the future.”

Rebecca Mungoya Romero, Mathematics Olympiad team member.

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