Gibraltar refuses to welcome asylum seekers to the UK

The proposal fell off before taking the flight. The Gibraltar government eliminated in its infancy the “unfounded speculation” by the British media that this Thursday identified the rock among the overseas territories that could process asylum claims in the UK. The crown-dependent Isle of Man also denied it was cooperating with immigration reform that would locate centers for processing refugees and migrants outside the country. Labor and Liberal Democrats condemned the alleged plan by the Ministry of the Interior led by Priti Patil, describing it as “inhuman”, “inapplicable” and absurd.

The idea will carry Australia’s strategy to Europe, which has turned to the Pacific Islands to regularize asylum seekers’ status there. The brutal experience in one of their immigration camps is documented in the television series “Stateless” – Cate Blanchett plays a supporting role and in the production – which is based on the true story of a young Australian woman, Cornelia Rao -.

‘Tough and legal’

The United Kingdom is looking for an alternative “strict and legal” system to help deter the flow of illegal immigrants through the English Channel from France. More than 800 people have crossed the travel-heavy road in inflatable boats and other small boats so far this year and in 2020 they did a record 8,420 people, according to NGO data. Professional attorneys suspect that the Australian prescription will not be backed by the courts of justice.

The Gibraltar government indicated this Thursday that immigration is part of its powers and that it has not received any proposal to “process asylum seekers from the UK”. He warned of the “geographic restrictions” of the rock and stressed that the post-Brexit agreement would be another obstacle to the alleged plan. He justifies that “the potential new treaties with the Schengen area are an additional reason why Gibraltar has not been able to host the asylum processing center.” Prime Minister Fabian Picardo, in a letter to Patel, explained the reasons for his inability to help London with his immigration problem.

The “export” of asylum procedures will be included in an advisory section of the new reform of the immigration system, which the Ministry of Interior was planning to publish next week. The Times reports that negotiations with the candidate areas have not started, and none of them will be mentioned in the government document. However, it coincides with other newspapers that Gibraltar and some Scottish islands, in addition to MAN, were on Patel’s radar. Last year, there was talk of South Atlantic islands like Santa Helena and Ascension, which ultimately seemed neglected.

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