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“It is said that one of the functions of the brain is to create meanings from our experiences to help us learn. From these meanings, stories emerge. Some of them are useful to us, but most of them are not and work to limit us and establish habits. And Thinking patterns“, says the book, a beautifully illustrated edition by Raluca Spatacean, which could make the perfect Christmas gift.

One example of stories that limit us and that we must change is when we are told as children that we draw poorly. “Due to its emotional charge, this comment becomes a story that is internally reproduced over and over again throughout childhood until the belief is installed: I am bad at art.”

that itComplete focus of mind Which leads us to see things more clearly and objectively. “By applying mindfulness to our feelings, emotions, and thoughts, with acceptance and without judgment, we see these stories for what they are: just stories.” Therefore, it helps us dismantle the misconceptions that have limited us so far, see ourselves with a new perspective and without judgment, and expand our boundaries.

Dancing, walking, running, jumping… our body needs movement!Leticia Diaz de la Morena

Twelve months to discover ourselves

This is one of the meditations that can be found throughout the twelve months it covers A year of luxury. It’s a kind of monthly calendar that suggests ideas for meditation, contemplation, physical practices like yoga, breathing, and dance, recipes, crafts, and steps to understanding your inner self, from gratitude to writing habits.

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To do this, he approaches our daily lives from a holistic point of view, contributing ideas to several sections called: Nature, Meditation, Movement, Gratitude, Crafts, Journaling, Meditation, Stargazing, Recipe, Visualization and Ritual.

the goal? Follow, like nature, cycle of seasons, Listening to our inner selves and being aware of the energy we transmit to the world. “Developing positive habits that give us a sense of groundedness can help us discover, accept and love ourselves individually, each other and the natural world. In this way we will be able to maintain full awareness in everything we do.”

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