Get 4 DLCs for free for one of the best backwards compatible games on Xbox

Another week, we’ll wrap it up well Free content for your library. This time it’s not games, but 4 downloadable contents of one of the best backwards compatible games in the Xbox One and Xbox Series catalog. So take advantage of it because we don’t even know when it will be available.

This is Enlaved, an adventure game created by Ninja Theory, a studio now owned by Microsoft and part of Xbox Game Studios. First of all, I warn you that you will have to download them from the web version, you will not be able to do it from the console.

4 FREE DLC to enslave

And it turns out that from your Xbox, you’ll only see 3 DLC for Enlaved for free. If you want to get the fourth, called “Classic Monkey”, it will cost you on the console. However, when doing it from the browser, Yes you will see it for free. The fourth DLC is a completely different look.

To get it, you have to go to this link And put it in the download queue, make sure you’re signed in with your Xbox Live account connected. Once you’re done, you just have to search for it from the console and voila, you have it.

Decked out in an eye-catching red and gold outfit, ‘Classic Monkey’ pays homage to the influence of the game’s classic Chinese novel. This traditional variant also directs the fearsome warrior spirit to melee damage to the ape, allowing him to strike twice as strong. This downloadable content will be activated upon completion of the game.

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